My best friend, and companion through my musical life.

What can one say, except to express my wish to play Bach on the violin til I no longer draw breath.. 

I would like to offer some programme of solo violin music-of Bach, his predecessors, and others who wrote most beautifully for the voice that is the violin.



A very special and intimate evening of joyful meditations, dance and songs without words.

In the ancient tradition of the story teller, Elizabeth Wallfisch weaves a spell over her listeners who find themselves in a quiet space, with only the voice of the violin to tell the stories of the past.

SImply Bach

Programme 1

Solo Sonata no 1 in G minor

Partita no 1 in B minor

Solo Sonata no 2 in A minor

 Programme 2

Partita no 3 in E major

Sonata no 3 in C Major

Partita no 2 in D minor




Birds. Bees , Caprices, Fantasies & Love Songs

Telemann - Fantasie no:1, for solo violin

Schmelzer- Sonata Quarta, from Sonate 'per Unarum Fidium'- sonatas for one violin.

Balzhar- Divisions on the Folk song 'John Come Kiss' from the collection by Playford- 'the Division Violin'

Locatelli - 'Il Labyirinto Armonico', the harmonic Labyrinth-

The first Capriccio from his concerto no 12 op3.

Titled:'Facilus aditus, difficilus exitus'-easy to enter, difficult to exit. 


Telemann- Fantasie no:12 for solo violin

Schmelzer- Sonata Sesta 'Il Cucu' from Sonate 'per Unarum Fidium' -

'Greensleeves' from Playford's,'the Division Violin'

Biber- 'Passacalia', no 16 from the 'Mystery' Sonatas


Of the first suites for solo violin:

Westhoff, suite in A major

Of the first Fantasias for solo violin:

Telemann, Fantasia in C major

Of the invention/story-telling of Tartini:

'Motto' Sonata 'senti lo mare'- listen to the sea.  

Of the greatest teacher of his time:

Geminiani, Compositione no 13 in E minor, from 'the Art of Playing on the Violin'


Of an unknown genius of the violin, Paris, 1770

Guillemain, 'Un Amusement pour violon seul'- Andantino with 4 Variations

Of the last laugh,

Paganini - 'the Devil's Laugh'

Caprice no 13 in Bb major

Of the dancing master, Johann Sebastian Bach!

Partita in D Minor



Partita no 3 in E Major. Prelude, Loure, Gavotte, Menuet 1 and 2

Bourree, Gigue


Fantasia in Bb from 'Ayrs for the Violin'


Sonata no 1 in G minor. Adagio, Fuga- allegro, Siciliana, Presto

Geminiani, Compositione no IV from ' the Art of Playing on the Violin'


Partita no 2 in D minor. Allemanda, Corrente, Sarabanda, Giga, Ciaccona




Sonata no 2 in A minor. Grave, Fuga, Andante, Allegro

Balzhar, 'John Come Kiss' from ' the Division Violin'

Bach:Partita no 1 in B minor. Allemande-Double, Corrente-Double, Sarabande-Double, Borea-Double

"Greensleeves' from ' the Division Violin'


Sonata, no 3 in C Major. Adagio, Fuga, Largo, Allegro assai