Jaap ter Linden has had tragically to stop playing because of injury to his right hand, and has graciously, and very sadly retired from the trio.

David and Libby are very pleased to welcome Sebastian Comberti as our cellist bringing his fine artistry, lovely character and consummate chamber music skills to the trio.









 Sebastian Comberti





                                             Elizabeth Wallfisch, David Breitman

From our first rehearsal we found ourselves in our very own

'electrical soil.' The chemistry among the three of us, both emotional

and intellectual, was apparent immediately. We played together

easily from the first notes, but we have never stopped questioning.

Each of us in our own way has been a pioneer, and our rehearsals

are punctuated by passionate discussions about what we are doing

and why. There's a certain missionary zeal to our work - and the

results are exhilarating. - Libby, David and Jaap

With David Breitman playing a beautiful copy of a fortepiano of the

appropriate period, and Sebastian Comberti on cello, we have a ball

playing the piano trios of Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn,

Mozart, and many others of the classical and early Romantic







"Good music doesn't only affect us when it's new; on the contrary it strikes us more forcefully the more familiar we are with it." -Goethe

 Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert and Brahms are certainly

familiar, but the Oberlin Fortepiano Trio's fresh approach makes

them new again. Masters of their instruments and passionate

about the repertoire, Elizabeth Wallfisch, Sebastian Comberti and

David Breitman bring eighteenth and nineteenth century style to

life. They've done their homework, but there's not a whiff of the

schoolroom in the results. In their hands the old instruments and

approaches to rhetoric, rubato, portamento and vibrato have the

ring of authority.