Below are a few selections of reviews, that perhaps give colour to my work. 

Of course, you have to believe the bad reviews too if you believe the good, but we can all learn from an intelligent, sensitive and articulate listener, with a pen! 

Chicago Sun TimesElizabeth Wallfisch is musically aware to her core Chicago Classical Review

'Music of the Baroque with guest violinist Elizabeth Wallfisch, were about to launch into

Vivaldi's The Four Seasons.

Some of you have heard it:
Nicholas Kraemer

"In the supermarket perhaps? While waiting on the phone?"

His introductory remarks were light-hearted, but this 'done-to-death' set of four violin concerti poses a considerable challenge.

How do you bring something new to music so familiar that it's become a kind of aural wallpaper?

The answer was obvious a few minutes into the Spring portion of the piece. You engage an exuberantly personable, technically stunning soloist. You dig into Vivaldi's raw-edged dissonances and emphatic rhythms.


Biber Rosary Sonatas


…intelligent stylish and expressive…wide expressive range of playing…she performs with customary intelligence, commitment and virtuosity. …gripping, consistently enthralling


"Wallfisch showed herself to be a truly great soloist, tremendously poised, absolutely in tune, sparkling with musicality in the virtuoso passagework and shading the melodic lines with incredible colors." - (Donau Kurier)

 Våsterås Sinfonietta.

Vestmenlans Låns Tidning  November 23, 2013


Virtuoso violin queen

 Elizabeth Wallfisch fullfilled all the expectations!


With Viotti's Violin concerto no.22 Elizabeth Wallfisch consolidated her title as violin queen when she made her fourth appearance with Västerås Sinfoniettan yesterday.


After a cancellation last spring she came back with even higher expectations on her. That she fullfilled them, the public showed with standing ovations.


In everything she played yesterday, she intimated a deep violin feeling which shone over the Sinfonietta as well as the public.


Through Spohr’s galant Ouverture in a whirling tempo she took herself to Schubert's Rondo for violin and string orchestra where she played the complicated passages as clearly as the playful melody. Here, the intimacy of chamber music arises in all its brilliance.


Reichas Ouverture she managed with fine ensemble playing, in spite of all her jokes about the tricky rhythms!


In Viotti…the solo parts showed the technical tools of the violin, together with brilliant virtuosity, as well as the Wallfisch warmth and charm as a person.


Birgit Ahlberg-Hyse





Telemann Concerti



Elizabeth Wallfisch is a most tasteful and elegant player, and she adheres to Telemann's desire not to display virtuosity for its own sake. She plays with conviction and spot on intonation, and with the grace and style of a fine soloist, but she never hogs the limelight, allowing the music to speak for itself. This music is, of course, quite capable of same..- (Kevin Sutton)