Concert Violinist:

Concerto Soloist - Recitalist - Baroque/Classical - 'Period' and 'Modern' Instruments.

Director of Chamber Orchestras Worldwide, from the violin:

'Period' and 'Modern' Orchestras.

Professor of Baroque, Classical and Modern Violin:

Guest Teacher - Masterclasses Worldwide - Projects with Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students



I have played the violin for 52 years now. That is a very long time!

We once had a chap called Dave who helped me in the garden from time to time. Raphael, my wonderful, dedicated, hardworking, forever practising, husband would be playing his cello with the window open on a good gardening day. 

Dave would come into the garden, look up, cock his ear towards the open window, and say: He's still practising! You'd have thought he'd know how to do it by now- with a wink! 

And so, we keep practising: it is the only way...





'Music is a moral law. 

It gives soul to the universe- 

Wings to the mind-

Flight to the imagination, 

Charm and gaiety to life-

To everything


Photo: 'Sei Solo' 

Johann Sebastian Bach