Concerto Soloist - Recitalist - Baroque/Classical - 'Period' and 'Modern' Instruments.

Director of Chamber Orchestras Worldwide of

'Period' and 'Modern' Orchestras.

Professor of Baroque, Classical and Modern Violin:

Guest Teacher - Masterclasses Worldwide - Projects with Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students


I have played the violin for 55 years now. That is a very long time!

We once had a chap called Dave who helped me in the garden from time to time. Raphael, my wonderful, dedicated, hardworking husband would be playing his cello with the window open on a good gardening day. 

Dave would come into the garden, look up, cock his ear towards the open window, and say: He's still practising! You'd have thought he'd know how to do it by now- with a wink! 




'Music is a moral law. 

It gives soul to the universe- 

Wings to the mind-

Flight to the imagination, 

Charm and gaiety to life-

To everything


Photo: 'Sei Solo' 

Johann Sebastian Bach






A new beginning into another profession, about which I have been passionate for many years.

Take a look at the following pages to see the whats and hows of this adventure.